Q: How can I tell if I am a good candidate for dental implants?

A: Generally speaking, if you are healthy enough to undergo general restorative dentistry or a routine dental extraction, you are probably fine medically to proceed with dental implant therapy. In addition, there must be enough available bone present for the placement of an implant. We will perform a comprehensive examination and evaluation so we can best advise you of all of your options including if dental implants are a good option for you.

Q: Are dental implants always successful?

A: Dental implants have a long history of use and success.   Although no procedure is 100% successful, our results confirm that dental implants have over a 90% success rate when performed by well-trained and experienced clinicians. Certain medical conditions including smoking, can negatively affect a patient’s success rate. Dr. Hyde, Dr. Greising and Dr. Tzanos will discuss your individual risks and expectations so you can make an informed decision concerning your implant options.

Q: How long will implants last?

A: With proper care and routine dental check-ups, we expect most dental implants to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, no one can give guarantees because the individual health of the patient is dependent on multiple factors that are out of the control of your dentist, e.g., proper nutrition, adequate hygiene, genetics, and the development of diseases that might occur. Certainly, the healthier your lifestyle and the quality of the practitioner that you have chosen to place your implants will afford you a greater chance at long term success.

Q: Will insurance pay for dental implants?

A: Oftentimes, dental insurance will cover part of the implant process. Sometimes they cover a portion of the surgical and restorative costs and other times they will cover just some of the restorative costs. Other times they won’t cover anything towards implant therapy. Our staff at Northwest Periodontics & Implants is specially trained to help you obtain the maximum benefits that your insurance will allow.

Q: After my implants are placed, can I use my teeth right away?

A: In some cases, immediate and fixed temporary restorations can be placed the same day that the implants are placed. Generally this is done to provide a natural, esthetic restoration primarily for esthetics. The permanent restoration is then placed once the implant has completely healed, usually   3-6 months later.

In a full arch case, most often a fixed temporary is placed the day of the implant placement and the patient can function lightly with these teeth right away.

Q: Is implant surgery painful?

A: Compared to other dental procedures, implant surgery can be relatively quick and pain free. Oftentimes, the surgery is performed only with local anesthesia just as if you were having a filling placed. Most patients will experience a little post-operative discomfort for a day or two, but that is usually controlled quite easily with over the counter pain medication.

Q: Will my new teeth look natural?

A: When dental implants are used in combination with modern restorative dental techniques, their appearance, comfort and function are very likely to exceed your expectations.

Q: How will I care for my new implants?

A: Long-term maintenance for dental implants is similar to maintenance for natural teeth. Implants need to be brushed and flossed, and professionally cleaned on a schedule that matches the maintenance of each patient’s natural teeth.

As Periodontists,Drs. Hyde, Greising and Tzanos are experts in the care of the teeth and gums. We apply the same knowledge and experience to help you maintain your dental implants for a lifetime!

Q: How can I get more information about dental implants?

A: You can learn more about dental implants and find out if they are right for you by contacting our office and scheduling a consult with Drs. Hyde, Greising and Tzanos.