The gum tissue can be very thick and large, covering the tooth surface, making the teeth look short. This can happen because of medications, bone that extends too close to the surface of the teeth, or inflammation due to gum disease. A gingivectomy is a periodontal procedure that eliminates excess gum tissue.

Sometimes this procedure is indicated for cosmetic reasons, sometimes it is more related to function, and sometimes for hygiene access.  When there is too much gum covering the tooth, the short stubby tooth which is visible may not be esthetically pleasing, and it may be difficult to keep clean, resulting in progression of gum disease related issues.  By exposing the natural part of the tooth which is covered by this excess gum tissue, we can make the tooth look longer and more proportional. Dr. Hyde, Dr. Greising and Dr. Tzanos can improve the appearance, function, and access to the tooth for hygiene purposes.